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Customer Services

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Customer Support
Chebar from time to time provide product and services guides and context sensitive online help and support, such service is available 24 hours per day five days per week.

Chebar 24-hour +1 (905) 614-1616 hotline is staffed by Chebar Group’s service oriented personnel, trained to ensure the required quality support to help you.

Online Support Services Manager
The Chebar online support services manager is an extensive context related help system, designed to ensure that the user is provided simple systematic instructions.

Chebar created a distinct way of marketing its products and equipment through the utilization of Distributorships. The product or service distribution process utilized by Checentre™ provides geographical exclusivity and protected territory that includes special privileges for the Master Distributors and their Sub-distributors. Master Distributors and their Sub-distributors are responsible for implementing the Checentre™ program; a program designed to provide matchless bi-level network support to customers.

Product and System Guides
A user procedural manual, which entails extensive reference and illustrative material support that will enable you to enjoy our products and/or system, as the case may be.

General Enquiry
For further information on the family of Chebar products, you may contact one of our our authorized agent in the respective jurisdiction.

Bulletin Boards/Forums

Please contact below email addresses for any specific enquiries you might have:

General Enquiry Hotline Telephone
24 hours Fax hotline: +1 (905) 290.111

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